Our services are professionally administered in a timely manner and competitively priced. Fleming Properties, Inc. AMO® is committed to diligently provide the services you have contracted for and expect, and to recommend any ways to optimize your return on investments and reduce your risk to liabilities.  

Commercial Management  of Office, Retail and Industrial Property

We have your needs covered: Property Management, Commercial Leasing, and everything in between. Don't hesitate to ask us a question regarding our experience and knowledge in the market area or inquire how we can tailor services to your specific needs. All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable, understanding what it takes to operate a successful business. Fleming Properties Inc. AMO® want you to know that we are committed to finding ways to make your Real estate asset successful and to remove as much as possible the day to day burden of the management of your asset. We do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first. We offer a complimentary assessment of your property and a proposal for our services based upon your specific needs. 

Our Promise

Our Services

General Services

Fleming Properties, Inc. AMO® has the following general services available to all clientele:

  • Provide formal weekly inspections on the property.
  • Interview, contract, and supervises all service providers for the property.
  • Prepare recommendations regarding the capital and general operating expenditures.
  • Review and approve all invoices and bills for the property to ensure work or services have been provided or delivered in an acceptable manner.
  • Competitively bid and place, after your approval, the insurance policy for the property.
  • Provide all necessary Tenant relation services such as collecting of delinquent rent, evictions, lease interpretations, and administration.
  • Provide 24 hours a day 7 days a week maintenance to handle any and all problems that may arise on the the property.
  • Screen potential Tenants, run the credit and financial checks and prepare lease documents for the Owners review and approval.


Fleming Properties, Inc. AMO® provides the following accounting services to all clientele:

  • Will produce monthly statements for all income and expenses.
  • Will maintain an operating account for the collection of Rent, CAM, and other charges and for the payment of the properties expenses.  This accounting work is currently done utilizing the Yardi Commercial software program.
  • Will prepare all common area reconciliation's, budget escrows, and billing in accordance with the leases and governing documents, as necessary.
  • Will prepare as needed all annual budgets within 120 days for the Owner's review and approval.


Fleming Properties Inc. AMO®  maintenance staff is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for Owner and Tenant emergencies.  This service is not offered to any property Fleming Properties, Inc. AMO®  does not have a current management agreement with.  Whenever possible, we will use our own in house maintenance staff to provide maintenance services at the property in an attempt to reduce the overall costs and provide prompt dependable services.  These services would include such items as general repairs, sprinkler repair and adjustments, minor electrical, minor plumbing repairs, minor roofing etc.  The morning maintenance service will include a 5 day, or if necessary, 7 day a week morning pickup function to ensure the property is ready to open for business, by policing the common areas for trash and other unwanted items, check for graffiti, and look for any obvious safety problems.  We monitor our hourly rates annually to ensure they are equal to, or lower than our competitors, and charge only for the fraction of hours we are on the property, plus any material needed for repairs.  No material markup is used.


Fleming Properties, Inc. AMO® provides the following marketing needs to all clientele who have entered into an Exclusive Listing Agreement :

  • Will provide information to all local commercial Brokers in Reno/Sparks, Lake Tahoe, and the Carson Valley areas in an effort to attract cooperation from other Real Estate Professionals.
  • Will place the appropriate signage, banners, and show cards necessary to attract the interest of potential retailers who frequent the area.
  • Will keep updated any/all brochures, demographics, floor plans, for the use of direct mailing, web publication, and general marketing uses.
  • We will advertise the property in qualified commercial venues such as Loop Net and Craig's list.


Fleming Properties, Inc. AMO® provides Brokerage services for New Leasing and Lease Renewals however these services are only offered under a separate Leasing agreement for properties that are under a current Management Contract.